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A Complete Assignment on 'Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior'.

 Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

Culture: -In our Bangladeshi culture, we can see the culture of any country is not similar from another country. In Bangladesh the Bangladeshis celebrates various kinds of festivals. Such as pahela boishakh, Eid-ul-azha, Durga puja etc.


Nationality: - In case of nationality in the world there are many types nationality. For the example- We can see that in Bangladesh which people live in this country. We call them Bengali, In Canada, we call them Canadian and in America we call them American.

 Religion: - There are many religions in this country and under this religion clothes are the important parts of this religion & culture. There are various types of cloths, which are used by those people. Some people wear Panjabi and some people wear dhuti. Here some dhuti brands are given below. Those brands are Azad dhut, Payel dhuti etc. Those brands are much better in their quality, because of their making of style is better than others and it is a well developed company. And its reliability and sustainability is outstanding. In Bangladesh Muslim people prefer to wear Punjabi and lungis. Such as standard lungi, amanot shah lungi and also the arong Panjabi.

Geographic Religion: - The geographic religion is the fishes of Trishal, mango of Rajshahi, tea of Sylhet.

Social Classes: - In society we can see there are various types of people. There should be some upper-class and lower class people in our society. The taste of those types of society is different. In society the dress can be the one of the main factors also. Some people wear formal shirt, suit and one people wear T-shirt, informal dresses. Here are some suits and shirt brand names are given below. Such as sunmun, Raymond, WEstecs, Catseye, Menzklub. Those brands cotton is very in good in their own nature. The fashion style of those companies really up to the mark. That’s why everyone can be the part of that brand.


Word of Month Influence: - Recently the noted Bangladeshi brands botanic aroma is so much popular. It has a unique style. It is one of the brand ambassador is nirob and sarikja. They are so much popular celebrity in the TV. The perfumed Botanic Aroma Uptan brings back the arid and oily skin to natural skin by using it, Cleanse the gland of the skin and makes the skin smooth and bright.


Group And Social Network: In case of group and social network, The facebook,and the social network are also so much popular in all types of ages people, It’s versatility is really significant. There are so many celebrities who can easily use it and always keep closer to there fans. And it is so much popular.

Facebook is a social networking service and website launched in February 2004, operated and privately owned by FacebookInc. Facebook has affected the social life and activity of people in various ways. With its availability on many mobile devices, Facebook allows users to continuously stay in touch with friends, relatives and other acquaintances wherever they are in the world, as long as there is access to the Internet. It can also unite people with common interests and/or beliefs through groups and other pages, and has been known to reunite lost family members and friends because of the widespread reach of its network.

Online Social Network: - In online social network they ate many types of networking brands.BD Jobs .com is more popular in our country. Because in this country the job sector is so much essential for the people. And in this site we can see and find the job easily and we can easily find the deserving job in this site. And for this reason it is good.


Social Factor: - In social factor family plays a important role. Because when a family use a product year by year than it would be the main using product in generation by generation. In example- like keya soap, if a family uses it regularly than they always like to use it inheritably. Then they don’t see the quality.
 Personal Factor

Age And Life Cycle Stage

Youth: - the youth people like to use colorable dresses like red, black, orange etc. And the brands who produce so many colorable dresses are Alifs. The youth people use these types of brands. Because it is so much colorable and it has so much attraction to the youth people. It has also cheap and the good quality.

Getting Standard: - In the stage of this age people like to wear long lasting dresses. And they are so many dresses in this type. But the cat’s eye brand is good enough than other. The company that it produces is well development and popular cotton, which is really good. The color combination and its style also attract the old stages people than others.

Builders: - In case of this situation the people like to use the brand Ecstasy. The brand companies are nature than the previous. They like to use formal dress and ecstasy produce a good product for this people. Ecstasy is more popular than other company and the cost is not so high and its quality is so much good.


Life Style: - In case of life style here we can see many types of brands. But in the following brands the Apex Shoes are more popular than others. The leather that is used to make this product is so good and long lasting. Though its cost is high but it is so much good product. It is more comfortable to use and all age people easily use it. It is also stylist and gorgeous.
Personal Factors

Personality And Self Concept:- The personality and self concept do not match with one another. Some people like to use costly brands and some are not. In case of this we write about the watch. In this watch the brand is Rolex is more popular than the other. Its design is so good and the company is more reliable than the others. It is also good looking and easy to use.

Dominance: Dominance means one will take decision with group decision. Generally it’s happens in case of experience product for example: My father wants to buy a computer. Before buying computer, he will discuss with his family members or friends, which band he will preferred or which will be better for him. After discussing he will decision, whether brand he will prefer .It may be doel, dell, Sony vaio.


Autonomy: its means one will take decision and everyone must have to prefer the decision. For example: In case of buying mobile phone your father always like to buy the brand of nokia.f the family anyone to buy mobile he should have buy the nokia mobile. Because a father is the leader of your family.


Defensiveness: its means whatever you want to do, but you can’t do. For example: You want to buy an electric fan but your friend suggested you to buy the air cool branded fan. He also admitted that the feature of this fan is full of high quality & long lasting capabilities. Hats why you want to buy this branded fan.


Adaptability: It’s mean the ability to grasp the changing environment. In case of soap, we are all regarding about the Bangladeshi branded soap ‘’Keya’’. To stabilize their market goodwill, they need to change their flavor & features in time to time basis.

Aggressiveness: Doing something from own concept but not to copy from others concept. It’s totally depends on your passion. For example: You prefer ‘Benson’ brand cigarette, but your friend offer you to have the ‘Navy’ brand cigarettes. But you should like to prefer the Benson brand cigarette.



Physiological Need: - these types of need are not same to one another. In this need we can see many food brands like Coca-Cola bun, Fu-Wang Food and Pran. In this brand Fu-Wang Food is the best because the company is more reliable than others and the price is not high. It is also very good to eat and it is so much highly than other brands.


 Security Need: - Security need is so important need. Security is plays a important role in a man’s life. In case of security need we see shows types of brands? In this life insurance brand meghna life insurance is the best. Because it gives a person so many facilities. Its security level is so much good and the reliability of this century is much better than the others. People can easy take it and for this reason it is better than others.

Meghna Life Insurance Co. Ltd. with a 18 members Board of Directors headed by the Hon’ble Chairman Mr. Nizam Uddin Ahmed. Its prompt service, instant action relating to any servicing for the valued clients has led. Meghna Life believes in clarity. Honorable Policy holders can check the status of their policy from our online Database.

Self Actualization: - self actualization of a person makes him happy. In case of self actualization we write about the costly watches. In these costly watches the Rolex brands watch well enough than other. In the level of self actualization people like to wear costs and attractive things. And the Rolex watch is so attractive and its design is so good.

Psychological Factors

Selective Attention: - In case of selective attention the example should be the grameen and teletalk SIM card. Here we prefer the grameen SIM card. Because it is cheap and the facility this SIM card is better than the teletalk. The networking system of this is so good and it is so popular, in the young generation.

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a public limited company. Total shares owned by the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Teletalk continues to be a part of the revolution that’s connecting millions of Bangladeshi people and around the world. Teletalk thrives to become the true people’s phone – “Amader Phone”. Its vision is to know our customers and meet their needs better than any one else.                             

Selective Distortion: - In case of selective distortion we write about the brands of various advertising company. There are various advertising company like, Bitopi, Fagun audio vision, and ganchil. In these brands bitopi is the best it makes various colorable advertise and the advertise is so much informative. We can get so much information by this. Their screen is so good and we can get many educative things. 

Selective Relation:- In this, here we can see various types of drinks brands. There are so many brands under this like Fruto, Mojo & Clemons. In these types of brands the fruto is so popular. Its flavor is so good. We can get a mango flavor by it. It is also cheap and do not harm for health.


Belief and Attitudes                         

Belief: - Belief is an important thing of a man’s life. In case of belief the person is a product year by year by belief. In this, we use the TV brands like MYONE TV & WALTON TV. In those things WALTON TV is better than that. Its price is not so high. And the guaranty of this TV is so much than the MYONE TV. Its sound is clear and function is easy to use.

Attitudes: - Attitudes is not same to each other. Here we can see the tooth paste brands like AM PM tooth paste & white plus. In this to things white plus is the best. Because it is more reliable brands. The things which is use to make this tooth paste is good enough and its price is not so high.

Types of Buying Decision  Behavior

Dissonance Reduction Buying Behavior: - In case of dissonance reduction buying behavior we can see it make high involvement. And here we input the brands of fridge. There are so many brands like my one fridge & Walton fridge. But the Walton fridge is good enough than others. Its price is not so high and its company more reliable. Its function is easy and operating system is good enough than others.

Complex Buying Behavior: - We can see it make high involvement. Here we use the mobile phone brands Bangladesh. As example- Walton & the symphony mobile. In these brands the symphony mobile is good enough than that. Because it function is easy to operate and its design is so good. Its rate is so high and the sound quality is outstanding.

Variety Seeking Buying Behavior: - We can see it make low involvement. Here we input the brands of spices. There are so many spices in Bangladesh like Rupchanda oil & teer oil etc. In this Teer oil good. Its packaging is good. And it is healthy than that. Its price is low but the quality is good. It is cholesterol free.


Habitual Buying Behavior: - It makes low involvement. Here we input the salt brands like ACI salt & Fresh salt etc. In those brands ACI is the best. Its price is low but it is so good and spicy. Its company is so much reputed and reliable. The best in its kind, ACI Salt is vacuum evaporated, free flowing and properly iodized. It is also very porous and free flowing.ACI Salt has won the "BEST BRAND OF BANGLADESH AWARD 2008" for unparallel customer loyalty beating all the brands in Foods & Beverages category.


Information Search Source of Information

Personal Sources: - There are so many personal sources. Here we input the coconut oil brands like Jui coconut oil & Parashut coconut oil. In these products the Parashut coconut oil is good enough. Its smell is so good. Its price is not so high. And its company is also a reputed company.


Commercial Sources: - There are so many commercial sources like facebook, twitter. The Twitter is so much popular than twitter. Its privacy system is secured and it is easy to operate. Many people can easily use it for social networking.

Twitter is an online social networking service and micro logging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets”. Twitter is ranked as one of the ten-most-visited websites worldwide by Alexia’s web traffic analysis. Twitter has been used for a variety of purposes in many industries and scenarios. Twitter is also increasingly used for making TV more interactive and social.


Public Sources: - There are so many public sources in Bangladesh like ATN Bangla, Channel I, R TV etc. But the ATN Bangla is more popular than others. The function of ATN Bangla is so much attractive. All types of people like to watch it as a recreational thing.

Experiential Sources: - In case of experiential sources we input the pens like econo dx, matador orbit etc. In these brands matador orbit brands is good enough than that its price is low and its ink so good in quality. Students prefer it than other because of its goodness.

Evolutions of alternatives:
Evolutions of alternatives are also one of the main factors of the consumer buyer decision process. In this fact the consumer has a right to evaluate it. To evaluate the various types of brands product and also there full information. Suppose you want to buy a Bangladeshi branded formal shirt. But there are various kinds of shirt’s brands. Such as westecs, dorjibari, menzklub and plus-point. At first you should take all of the information about that brand shirt. Than you think which products features and price suits to your passion and attitudes. After thinking all, than you should choose the right one.

The Buyer Decision Process

Purchase Decision: - The buyer decision brand is also one of the most key factors that we are now describing. The act by the consumer to by the most preferred brand is termed as the buyer decision process. The buyer’s decision process also depends on the perches decision. It can be affected by attitudes of others and the unexpected situation factors. Others example can be the stylish jell, perfume, or the various brands. Such as Cute, Tibet, Sitwell, Rajondigandha etc.   

Post purchase decision:
It means the satisfaction and or the dissatisfaction that the consumer feels about the purchase. This relationship can be divided into 2 terms. Those are consumer expectations, product perceived performance. Such as the consumer expectations example is otobi Furniture& Rahim Afroz. When you try to buy it, than you have a expectations and when you bought it than you should focus on this products performance. if your expectations are feel try the performance then you will be foal so much satisfied.


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