Monday, November 5, 2012

Communication Method of Primary data

          Advantage and disadvantage of communication method of primary data:

Primary data is the data which the researcher collects through various methods like interviews, surveys, questionnaires etc. Some advantages and disadvantages of communication method (primary data) are as follows:
The first advantage of primary data is that it can be collected from a number of ways like interviews, telephone surveys, focus groups etc. Secondly, it can be also collected across the national borders through emails and posts. Thirdly, it can include a large population and wide geographical coverage. Fourthly, it is relatively cheap and no prior arrangements are required. Moreover, primary data is current and it can better give a realistic view to the researcher about the topic under consideration.
On the other hand, the major disadvantage of primary data is that it has design problems like how to design the surveys. The questions must be simple to design a general lingo (understandable). Some respondents do not give timely responses. Sometimes, the respondents may give fake, socially acceptable and sweet answers and try to cover up the realities. In some primary data collection methods there is no control over the data collection. Incomplete questionnaire always give a negative impact on research.
From the above discussion, we can point out the following:
1. Basic data
2. Un biased information
3. Original data
4. Data from the primary market/ population
5. Data direct from the population.

1. Large volume of data.
2. Huge volume of population.
3. Time consuming
4. Direct and personal intervention has to be there.
5. Raw data.

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