Completing Stories

Here is a list of stories that students have to read as completing story. I have given only important stories.

        If anyone needs more stories like these, then make me known via comments. I'll try to provide your wants.


        1. once a boy named rakib was coming ..... Honesty is the best policy
          plz give this story

        2. 1.a farmer and a donkey
          2.Greed brings disaster
          please give these story

        3. 1.A monkey and a goat
          please give this one as early as possible.

        4. Hi, I don't find the story " Rifat is boy of industrial parents. He is very much brilliant in his academics. After finishing his study.........

          Once a boy named Rhidoy was coming home from school on foot. suddenly he noticed an old man lying beside the road. He thought.....
          Pls send this two stories in the following mail (

        5. My exam is today, by the way of you can add please add--Accursed child labor.

        6. pride goes before fall-completing story

        7. the story of the clever crow and the dog.plz provide me the story as soon as possible.