Friday, April 19, 2013

Completing Story: A Son’s Devotion to His Mother/Bayazid’s Love for His Mother


A Son’s Devotion to His Mother/Bayazid’s Love for His Mother

Bayazid was a small boy. His mother was ill. One day he was studying by the side of the bed of his ailing mother. All on a sudden his mother woke up, raised her head and told her son to give her a glass of water. Bayazid went to the kitchen to bring water. He found the pitcher empty. He searched for water here and there, but in vain. Then he decided to fetch water from the nearby fountain. He took the pitcher and went to the fountain for water. He came back home filling the pitcher to the brim. He poured water into the glass and came to his mother. He found that his mother was fast asleep again. He did not want to disturb his ailing mother. He remained standing beside is mother’s bed. His mother awoke in the morning and found her son standing beside her bed. She embraced her son with deep love and prayed to God for her son.

Golam Mostafa

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