Sunday, December 15, 2013

Completing Story on 'A Liar Shepherd/Nobody Believes A Liar'

Read the following outlines and develop them into a complete story. Give a suitable title to it.
A shepherd boy – kept a flock of sheep near a forest – made a fun with villagers – shout “Wolf! Wolf! Help! – villagers ran to help – he laughed at them – made the same fun – but a wolf really came – killed the sheep – cried for help – none came


A Liar Shepherd/Nobody Believes a Liar

There was a shepherd boy. He kept a flock of sheep near a forest. It was not far from his village. One day he wanted to make a fun with the villagers. So, he began to shout and cried, “Wolf, wolf, please help me.” People would come running to help him. Then the cowboy would begin to laugh and say that he only made fun with them. Being disgusted the people would go back.
At last the annoyed men went away saying, “If the rascal cries out again, we won’t go for his help.”
One day a tiger really came and the boy cried out, “The wolf! The wolf! Please help me!” The people heard him shouting but they did not come. They thought that the boy was again playing his trick to make joke with them.
The tiger fell upon his cows and killed many. At last, it fell upon the boy and tore him into pieces.


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