Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paragraph on 'My Best Friend'

          Write a paragraph about ‘Your best friend’ on the basis of the following questions:

(a) Who is your best friend?  (b) How does she/he behave with her/his classmates?  (c) How does he behave with others?  (d) Why do you like him?  (e) What have you learnt from him/her?


My Best Friend

I have a lot of friends. I am very much fond of them. Of them Tahsan is my best friend. He is also my classmate. He is the most brilliant student of the class. He is polite by nature. He behaves politely with his classmates. He deeply feels for the weak students of the class. His behavior with others is praiseworthy. He respects his teachers and superiors. He is open-minded and never speaks ill of others. I like him most for his gentility and co-operative mood. I have learnt many important tips from him. I have learnt how to keep fit and prepare lessons swiftly from him. Without these, I have also learnt the value of time, co-operation, truthfulness and punctuality that make a man really great. All on, he is a blessing for me and I am very much happy and proud of having such a best friend.

Best Friend

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