Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paragraph on 'Water' by answering question

     Write a paragraph about ‘Water’ on the basis of the following questions:

(a) What is water?  (b) What is it made of?  (c) What is the source of water?  (d) Why is water called life?  (e) What is the usefulness of water?



Water is a liquid substance. It has no color, odor or taste. It is made of hydrogen and oxygen. We can’t think even for a day without water. In fact, no living being can live without water. So water is rightly called life. Water makes us lively. It quenches our thirst. It offers us strength to do much more works. Rainfall is the main source of water. Besides, we get water from seas, rivers, canals, lakes, streams, wells and tube-wells. Water has a great usefulness. We use water for various purposes like drinking, washing, cleaning, bathing, growing crops etc. Truly speaking, water is an important ingredient of human body. It motivates functions of different organs and regulates body temperature. It also helps us in digestion. But polluted water is dangerous for man. Yet water is being polluted in many ways. Man throws waste and filth into water. Industries emit chemicals and rubbish into water. Thus water is polluted. So man should keep water free from pollution for their own sake.

A Glass of Water

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