Friday, April 19, 2013

Completing story: A Sly Fox and a Foolish Crow

Read the following outlines and develop them into a complete story. Give a suitable title to it.
Once there was a foolish crow—it stole a piece of meat—sat on branch of a tree—at first did not want to sing—the foolish crow felt proud—the sly fox took it.

A Foolish Crow and Sly Jackal

Once there was a foolish crow. One day it stole a piece of meat and flew to a distant place and finally sat on a branch of a tree. A sly fox noticed it and hit upon a plan to eat the piece of meat. Finally he asked the crow to sing a song with its beautiful voice. The foolish crow first did not want to sing but the clever fox said, “If you start singing, most of the animal of the forest will come to listen and you will be famous.”
Hearing the praising word the foolish crow started singing. When the crow opened its beak the piece of meat fell down. The sly fox at once took the piece of meat and went away hastily. The foolish crow could not do anything.

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