Friday, April 19, 2013

Completing Story: A Thirsty Crow/Where There is a Will There is Way


A Thirsty Crow/A Witty Crow/Where There is a Will There is a Way

It was a summer day. A crow became very thirsty. He flew from place to place in search of water. But he found no water. He continued his search of water. At last he saw a jar. He peeped into the jar. There was a little water at the bottom of the jar. But it was too low for the crow. The crow tried to upset the jar. But the crow was not too strong to do it. The crow was in a fix what to do. At that time, he saw some pebbles. He began to pick up the stones one by one and dropped them into the jar. When he had dropped a large number of stones, the water in the jar rose high enough for him to reach it. Then the crow quenched its thirst drinking water to its heart’s content.

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