Monday, April 8, 2013

Make the Bluetooth Device discoverable to others on Android Phone

Want your Bluetooth Device, Android, discoverable to others? Don’t you see your Device to other devices? Want to pair your device with other Bluetooth devices?
In Android Phone like Samsung Galaxy Y or Samsung Galaxy Pocket, by the default settings, Bluetooth device is not discoverable to other devices. So, at first, you have to make your device discoverable to others for sharing or pairing your device with other devices.
So we can do this in such an easy way. Let’s do this……

1.  Go to ‘Wireless and network’ option under the ‘Settings’ menu.    

2.  Then enter into the option ‘Bluetooth settings’.

3.  Under the ‘Bluetooth settings’ menu tick the ‘Discoverable’ option by taping there.

Now your Device has discovered to others. Enjoy…

Golam Mostafa

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