Friday, April 12, 2013

Paragraph on 'Health is Wealth'/'How to maintain a good health'


 Health is Wealth

A proverb has it that 'Health is Wealth'. To keep healthy is to keep free from disease and anxiety. Good health is proper functioning of all body organs. it is also feeling well both in body and in mind. People in good health are active, cheerful and happy. If you are healthy, you can be happy and can help others in society as well.
To keep in good health we should be careful about hygiene. The rules and practices of keeping good health are called hygiene. We must practice the rules of hygiene. Proper food and nutrition, physical exercise, rest and sleep, cleanliness and proper medicare are essential for good health. To maintain good personal health, we should follow some important rules. Such as balanced diet, personal hygiene, cleaning household, taking clean food and water, taking regular exercise etc.

The Rules of Good Health/How to Maintain a Good Health

In order to maintain a good health, you have to follow the rules of health. At first, you have to eat a balanced diet. Because one cannot keep fit without eating a balanced diet. Then, you have to sleep a sound sleep and take proper rest. For this you have to avoid mental anxieties. Next, you have to take physical exercise regularly. It is essential for all to keep fit. After that, you must be careful about the hygiene of food. You should avoid unhygienic food or any kind of stale food. Over eating causes indigestion. So don’t over eat. Drink plenty of clean water. Taking food in time is also important. Form the habit of cleanliness and early rising. You must give up any kind of bad habit or addiction. To keep fit mentally, you should control your emotions. Avoid tension and always take care of health. Never take medicine without consulting a doctor. Finally, the best way to keep fit is to follow the rules of health. It does not have any alternative.