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Cadet College Admission Test: Model Test on English 1st Paper

Nobojagoron Scholarship & Cadet Academy
Cadet College Admission Test—2014
Weekly Test-1 (English 1st Paper)
Time: 1 Hour                                                                                                                        Marks: 50

1.   Find out the best answers to the following questions:                                  20x1=20
a)  What does Tarun Chowdhury hate?
    (i) Chocolate   (ii) Milk   (iii) Soft drinks   (iv) Fruits
b)  Who wrote the poem ‘Let’s Play’?
   (i) Leonore M Link   (ii) Christina Georgina Rossetti   (iii) Gwendolyn Brooks   (iv) Kate Greenaway
c)  When we are happy to hear about any good news, which expression we should use?
   (i) Well done!   (ii) Congratulations!   (iii) That’s marvelous!   (iv) All of the above
d)  Where did Mamun and his friend Akash go?
    (i) To a book fair   (ii) To a trade fair   (iii) To a museum   (iv) To a hospital
e)  Where does Robert Smith live in?
    (i) America   (ii) Australia   (iii) China   (iv) Bangladesh              f)  How did Tarun feel of his first day at school?
   (i) Embarrassed   (ii) Happy   (iii) Upset   (iv) Excited
g)  What is the Bangla name of the bird ‘Blackheaded Oriole’?
   (i) Mayna   (ii) Tia    (iii) Shalik   (iv) Benebau
h)  Blackheaded Oriole is seen in – .
   (i) Japan   (ii) Thailand   (iii) India   (iv) None of them
i)  Which is good remedy for cough?
   (i) Lemon juice   (ii) Tulsi juice   (iii) Apple   (iv) Garlic
j)  To keep in good health we should be careful about – .
   (i) Talking  (ii) Studying   (iii) Hygiene   (iv) Smartness
k)  What kind of place is a railway station?
   (i) Crowded   (ii) Quiet   (iii) Noiseless   (iv) Peaceful
l)  Who believes that all jobs are important?
   (i) Akash   (ii) Rahul    (iii) Ruma   (iv) Bulbul
m) Which day Amal’s father loves to cook?
   (i) Saturday   (ii) Sunday   (iii) Monday   (iv) Friday
n)  Who is an architect?
   (i) Mamun’s cousin Ruma   (ii) Mariam’s aunt Suraiya Begum   (iii) Amal’s father   (iv) Rabeya Begum
o)  What can we use to cure skin problems?
    (i) Honey   (ii) Tulsi   (iii) Lemon   (iv) Turmeric
p)  What made herbal remedies popular?
   (i) Cheap   (ii) Easy to get   (iii) Has no side effect   (iv) All of them
q)  Eating apples gives good result in – .
    (i) Headache   (ii) Toothache   (iii) Cold   (iv) Cough
r)  What is the length of a Blackheaded Oriole?
    (i) 15 cm   (ii) 15 inch   (iii) 25 cm   (iv) 25 inch
s)  Which is good for health?
    (i) Smoking   (ii) Drinking   (iii) Over eating   (iv) Cleanliness
t)  Which is an item of the grocery stores?
    (i) T-shirt   (ii) Milk   (iii) Shoes   (iv) Book

2.   Write an application to the headmaster of your school for remission of delay fine.            10

3.   Write a paragraph about A Railway Station (for girls); Health is Wealth (for boys).            10

4.   Complete the following story with a better title.                                                           10
   There lived a farmer in a village who had a wonderful goose. Every morning she laid a golden egg….

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