Saturday, January 4, 2014

Paragraph on 'Habit of Reading Newspaper'

Habit of Reading Newspaper

Reading newspaper is a good habit for everybody especially for students. We can’t ignore the importance of reading newspaper. It is said that newspaper is the storehouse of knowledge. There is no doubt that reading newspaper has many advantages. By reading newspaper we acquire knowledge and wisdom. It widens our outlook and places the treasure of knowledge before us. We can acquire noble virtues. Especially we can enrich our general knowledge by reading newspaper. It is also a great source of entertainment. There are political news, sports news, business affairs, international affairs, entertainment news, students’ column in it. So a newspaper represents a complete global society. We should read the newspaper with attention. If we read newspaper daily we can keep ourselves up to date with the current world. So everybody should have the habit of reading newspaper.

Habit of Reading Newspaper

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