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Model Test on Aesop's fables for class six

Nobojagoron Scholarship & Cadet Academy
Model Test
Class: Six              Subject: English First Paper
Time: 3 Hours                                          Full Marks: 80

Part—A: Reading (40 Marks)
Read the text and answer the questions 1 and 2:
Many hundreds of years ago, Aesop, a Greek slave, became famous for the fables he told. After so many years, people all over the still enjoy reading them today as much as the Greeks enjoyed listening to them long, long ago. Long ago and far away, there was an old farmer who had seven sons. One day, the old farmer was lying on his bed and he thought that he would not live much longer. He gathered his sons about him. He told a servant to bring in a bundle of seven sticks together. He handed the bundle to his oldest son and said to him, “Son, now break the bundle”. The son tried with all his might, but he could not break the bundle. One by one, the other brothers tried. No one of them was strong enough. The father smiled, “Now, my sons, untie the bundle. Each of you, take a stick and try to break it.” This time they had no difficulty breaking the sticks. In a few moments all the sticks were broken. The old man looked at his sons affectionately and said, “Remember, in unity there is strength”.
1.       Find out the meaning of the following words used in the text above.            5
a)      The word gather means-      (i) collected     (ii) united     (iii) crowd    (iv) people
b)      The word bundle means-   (i) sticks     (ii) bamboo    (iii) pack    (iv) bunch
c)       The word tie means-         (i) draw     (ii) string     (iii) fasten     (iv) rope
d)      The word handed means-    (i) handling    (ii) gave    (iii) taken     (iv) protected
e)      The word might means-    (i) pen    (ii) right    (iii) strength    (iv) possible
f)       The word untie means-    (i) neck-tie     (ii) fasten    (iii) knot     (iv) loosen
g)      The word difficulty means-     (i) problem    (ii) situation    (iii) hard    (iv) breaking
h)      The word affectionately means-    (i) harshly    (ii) lovingly    (iii) nicely    (iv) hardly
i)        The word strength means-    (i) energy    (ii) might   (iii) thought    (iv) unity
j)        The word unity means-     (i) together    (ii) connection    (iii) connectedness   (iv) far
2.       Answer the following questions.                            5
a)      Who had seven sons?
b)      What did he tell the servant to bring?
c)       What did he tell his oldest son?
d)      What did the oldest son do?
e)      What was the old farmer’s advice?
3.       Read the text and answer the following questions.
Mobile phone is a wonder of modern science. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone. From that invention, the idea of a portable phone comes. And that is mobile phone. It is a useful means of communication. It has successfully changed the role of telephone. Nowadays, mobile phone has become a part of our everyday life. Besides maintaining communication, it is used for listening to music, taking photographs, storing data, computing, browsing internet etc. At present, it is even used for distant learning. It surprises us when we can exchange information from one part of the world to another part in a second.
A.      Complete the following table with the information given in the passage. 5

Land Telephone
Mobile Phone
A means or device

Time of invention



Other activities

B.      Read the following statements. Write True/False. If false, give the correct answer.  5
(i)  Mobile phone is an ancient invention.
(ii)  The idea of portable phone comes from telephone.

(iii) Mobile phone is now part and parcel of our life.
(iv) It does not help us distance learning.
(v)  Mobile phone has made the world smaller.
4.       Complete the following text with the right words in the box.  5
Shahara Begum is Sabina’s a) -- . She is a b) – and she works in her c) – and yard. d) – she looks after her e) -- . She cleans the f) – and cooks for g) -- . She looks after the h) – and also makes i) -- . She belongs to a mother’s j) -- .
5.       Match the text in Column A, B and C to make complete sentences.   5
The man who possesses this virtue
Even a dishonest man also
a noble virtue.
6.       Read the text and rearrange them in order.                 10
a)      He used to spells to make his furniture do it.
b)      He lived in a small town in Germany.
c)       Frankel lived by himself in a large house.
d)      Once upon a time there lived a famous magician called Frankel.
e)      If they improved, he would take his magic spells off them.
f)       He was a good magician.
g)      Because he only used his spells to make bad people good.
h)      In it he made his magic spells.
i)        But he never did any house work.
j)        He worked there in a laboratory in his house.

Part—B: Writing (40 Marks)
7.       Read the beginning of the story. Now, complete it in 150 words.         10
Bayazid was a small boy. His mother was ill. One day he was studying by the side of the bed of his ailing mother. All on a sudden his mother woke up, raised her head and told her son to give her a glass of water. ……………………
8.       Write an email to your friend about the beauties of Taj Mahal.    10
9.       Make a dialogue between you and your friend Tutul about the benefit of Early Rising. 10
10.   Write a paragraph about ‘My Reading Room’.                             10

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