Thursday, December 12, 2013

Paragraph about 'Greenhouse Effect' by Answering Questions

Write a paragraph about ‘Greenhouse Effect’ on the basis of the questions given below:

(a) What is Greenhouse effect?
(b) What are the reasons behind it?
(c) What are the effects of Greenhouse?
(d) How does it put influence on environment?
(e) What are the steps to prevent it?


Greenhouse Effect

Scientists have recently reported that the polar ice caps are melting. This is due to a rise in atmospheric temperature known as the Greenhouse effect. The ‘Greenhouse Effect’ is just one of many fundamental changes which are taking place in the environment. Tropical rain forests, which took fifty million yeas to grow, are being reduced at the rate of fourteen acres per minute. The total area of world’s deserts is increasing every year. Many species of animals and plants are endangered with the threat of extinction. If the people don’t act decisively to protect the environment, the world will soon be uninhabitable.

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