Tuesday, August 28, 2012

English 1st Paper_Paragraph_for class SIX/CADET

Sabina’s family
Sabina is a student of class six. She is twelve years old. She lives in a family in a village. Her father’s name is Mohammad Ali. He is a farmer and works hard in his fields. He digs the soil and puts fertilizer on it. He waters his fields and grows rice, jute and vegetables. He is a member of a farmers’ co-operative. Sabina’s mother name is Shahanara Begum. She is a housewife and works in her house and yard. Every day she looks after her family. She cleans the house and cooks food for them. She looks after the chickens and also makes baskets. She belongs to a mothers’ co-operative. Sabina has two brothers. They are Hasan and Arif. They are students too. Hasan is in class seven and Arif is in class five. Hasan works in their garden. Arif looks after the goats and feeds them. When needed, Sabina helps other members in their works. Sabina’s family is a happy family. This is all about Sabina’s family.

Salam’s family
Salam is eleven years old. He is a student and reads in class six. He comes from a family. They live in a town near the school. The name of the town is Sherpur. There are six members in Salam’s family. His father’s name is Mahbub Alam. He is a shopkeeper. Salam’s mother is a nurse. Her name is Nazmun Alam. Salam has one brother and one sister. The name of his elder brother is Monjur. He is sixteen years old. His elder sister name is Maya. And she is fourteen years old. After all it is a happy family.

Eat the right food/Good food is not always expensive
According to Anwar Hussain, there are many secrets about good health. But there are only four top secrets. It is very important to know for keeping good health. These are—eat the right food; drink safe water; work, exercise and rest and prevent diseases. Now we will discuss about eat the right food.
Well, right food means the proper food that has enough nutrition for the health. In general people think that nutritious foods mean expensive foods. But it is not true all the times like that. Some good foods are mutton, chicken, rui fish, dal, small fish and vegetables. Good foods contain a lot of vitamins and vitamins help us to prevent diseases. So we should eat the right food in time to keep us healthy.

Physical exercise
Physical exercise means the regular movement of the limbs of our body according to rules. It helps to develop the growth of different organs of the body properly. Without exercise no one can enjoy good health. It makes a man strong and active and keeps him free from diseases. In order to have a sound mind in a sound body we should take physical exercise. It helps proper circulation of blood in out body and increases the power of digestion. But all sorts of exercise are not suitable for men and women of all ages. Walking is the best kind of exercise for all in all circumstances. Walking in the morning and evening refreshes our body and mind. There are many people who do not take physical exercise. They fall victim to many diseases. Physical exercise enables us to build a good health which is the key to success. To live a happy and healthy life and to keep our body strong and active we should take regular physical exercise.

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