Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Important Paragraphs of English 1st Paper for class Seven

Keeping Good Health
Health is wealth. We should not be indifferent to it. First, we should remember the proverb that ‘early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise’. We must get up early in the morning, and brush our teeth, wash our hands and face. Then, we must do some light exercise. But the exercise should be suitable to our age and body. Next, we must take a balanced diet according to the need of our developing body. After that, we should take a walk in the open air either in the morning or in the afternoon. Finally, we must keep our body, room, house and the surrounding clean.

Reading Newspaper
The paper, which carries news and views of home and abroad to us daily is called newspaper. It is called the storehouse of knowledge. In our country the newspapers have the liberty to express their opinions to the public. There are different types of newspapers in our country such as dailies, weeklies, monthlies etc. After getting up from bed early in the morning, our first activity is reading newspaper. Because newspaper is a great source of pleasure and knowledge. There are political news, sports news, business affairs, international affairs, and students’ column in it. Newspapers publish news and views of different parties, countries and societies. So a newspaper represents a complete global society. I read the daily newspaper with attention. In it I specially find interest to have many textual and out of textual items. But in our country some of the newspapers have the habit of political supporting. Sometimes they write columns in supporting their particular parties. Sometimes people are confused because of false news. So misunderstanding takes place and many unexpected incidents happen. So the reporters and the persons concerned should be aware of their noble responsibility.

How to prepare yourself for the examination
To do well in the examination you should follow some strategies. First of all you have to study regularly. Because without studying regularly you can’t do better in the examination. You should make the best use of time. For this purpose you can maintain a routine of daily activities. You should not neglect your duties. Don’t put off any of your tasks for tomorrow. Prepare your own notes. Find out the problems in specific subjects. Don’t neglect the simplest ones. After that, you should memorize the answers after proper understanding. For, without comprehensive capacity and effort none can go a long way in the process of learning and therefore, cannot cut a good figure in the examination. You have to revise frequently. Finally you should have good command of the language. Bear in mind, examination is the process of evaluating a student and a format to justify his skill and merit. So, a strategic struggle before exam and its application in the examination hall serves the purpose greatly.

Village life
It is said that ‘God made the village and man made the town’. The expression is indeed true. In a village there are trees, green fields, river and marshy land. All these are part of nature. I do not like the bustle and bustle, the pollutions and traffic jams of the city life. I like to walk along the lonely path between rows of trees and breathe in the pollution free fresh air. I like to fly kites in the open field or boating on a river full to the brim. All these I find in a village. So I like village life. The village life is less expensive and leisurely. Here time is for leisure and enjoyment, not for making money. So I like living in the village, though some of the modern amenities are not available there.

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