Friday, November 9, 2012

Using Android Phone as an Internet Modem on PC

Want to use Internet on your PC with your Android phone? Want to use your Android Phone as an Internet Modem? Don’t know how to tether your Samsung Galaxy Pocket/ Galaxy Y Phone?

Your Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Y/Pocket, can be used as an Internet Modem with USB by following some simple steps.
1. Connect with USB: At first, you have to connect your phone with your PC via USB cable.
2. USB tethering: Then you have to tether your phone.
   a) Go to ‘Wireless and networks’ under the ‘Settings’ menu (shown in the picture below).

     b) Then go to ‘Tethering and portable hotspot’ as like the picture in the below.

    c) Under the ‘Tethering and portable hotspot’ menu tick the ‘USB tethering’ option.
(N.B: Before this procedure, make sure that ‘Packet data connection’ is available in your phone.)
Ok, that’s it. Now your PC is connected with the internet.


  1. Thanks. I'll try it.

  2. not working ....
    got only a message- "Acquiring network address".... for ever!
    what next?

  3. doing all the above steps gives a message "acquiring network address" and it seems to never acquiring it..!
    What to do now?

    1. My procedure is 100% ok. I verify it several times. When that message is shown, write me details then I'll try. Thank you