Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Paragraph on Cleaner

Cleaner/City Cleaner

The persons who engaged themselves by cleaning activities are called cleaner. Usually we called cleaner them who work in City Corporation as cleaner. They collect rubbish from the working area of their city. In general, they wake up at 5 o’clock and walk along the streets to collect rubbish. People put their rubbish in plastic bins and leave them in front of their houses. They walk from door to door to collect them. Sometimes the bins are very dirty and they smell bad. But the cleaners don’t mind. They take out everything from the bins and put them in a large plastic bag or in the push cart with them.
However, many people hate this type of dirty work. But the cleaners don’t care about them. They believe that all jobs are important. They work hard every day to keep their area clean. If they become sick and cannot go to collect the rubbish, the people fall in great trouble. The whole area becomes dirty and unhygienic. So the cleaner is very important for us.

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