Friday, April 12, 2013

Paragraph on 'A Railway Station'

A Railway Station

A railway station is a place where a train stops for a while and then leaves again. Passengers get down and get into a train from a railway station. A large number of people come here everyday to go to their destinations by a train. There are waiting rooms for male and female passengers. There are ticket counters, the booking office for goods, restaurants, book stalls, station master’s room etc in a railway station. A railway station is a noisy place. There are different types of shops. They sell foods, fruits, newspapers, books, toys, stationeries and so on. Hawkers are also very active here. They shout to sell their goods. There are a large number of porters here to carry luggage. Sometimes passengers become victim of pick-pockets and harassment of the porters. When a train arrives, the station becomes busier. When a train leaves the station, it becomes calm and quiet again. A railway station plays a great role in the field of communication.

Railway Station

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