Thursday, April 18, 2013

A paragraph on Using a Dictionary / How to Use a Dictionary

Using a Dictionary

A dictionary is a collection of words. It lists the words of a language. It is a very useful handy tool. Using a dictionary is a perfect way to improve language skills. It tells us about the spelling, pronunciation, meaning, parts of speech etc. of words. To make the meanings of words clear, example sentences are given in italics. Example sentences show how words are used. It also gives the synonym/s and the antonym/s of a word. Parts of speech are also shown. A verb word is always given in the simple present tense. But the past form of a verb and the past participle are also shown. The words in a dictionary are presented in alphabetical order. It means words starting with the letter D will be before the words starting with the letter E. In the same way words starting with the letter F will come after the words starting with E. Again the words starting with the same letter are also arranged one after another in alphabetical order in the dictionary. For example, the words dark, doctor and deep all start with the letter D. These words appear in the dictionary in the order of dark, deep and doctor. To find the words with a letter, look at the words at the top of the page. A dictionary gives us the meaning/meanings of a word. Synonyms and antonyms are also can be found in the dictionary. So, now, we have understood that using a dictionary is a great way to learn a language properly.

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