Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paragraph on 'A Moonlit Night'

1.       Write a paragraph about ‘A Moonlit Night’ on the basis of the following questions:
(a) What is moonlit night?  (b) How is a moonlit night?  (c) How does nature look on a moonlit night?  (d) What do lower animals do on a moonlit night?  (e) What do people feel in a moonlit night?


A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night is night when the moon shines brightly. Such a night is really charming and enjoyable. It presents a fascinating sight. Its glamorous beauty soothes our eyes. The whole nature wears a stunning look. The water of the rivers, ponds and tanks smiles when the silvery light of the moon falls on them. On a moonlit night the moon looks like a disc of gold. The moon plays hide and seek behind the clouds. Twinkling stars surrounding the moon make the sky a fairy land. People of all ages enjoy a moonlit night. Boys and girls make merriment. The young and old pass some hours by gossiping and telling stories. Poets and artists find themes of their work. Lower animals also do not sit idly. Birds come out of their nests. The animals wander here and there. In fact a moonlit night is a night of beauty and joy.

A Moonlit Night


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