Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paragraph on 'A Picnic I Have Made/Enjoyed'

         Write a paragraph about ‘A Picnic You Have Made’ on the basis of the following questions:

(a) On what occasion did you make the picnic?  (b) What was the venue? (c) How many of you went to the picnic?  (d) How did you go there?  (e) When did you start?  (f) How did you cook your food?  (g) How did you enjoy there?


A Picnic I Have Made/Enjoyed

A picnic is always pleasant. It removes the monotony of our routine work. Recently i have enjoyed a picnic. It was arranged on the occasion of our winter vacation. The venue was Madhupur Garh. Our teachers selected the spot because it is a place of historical interest. We were forty in numbers. Two of our teachers accompanied us. We set out our journey at 8 am by bus. We enjoyed the bus journey very much. We sang song and made a lot of fun all the way. We reached there at 11 am. After reaching there, we took some light refreshment. Then we started our cooking. We took all the cooking arrangements with us. Ten of us took part in cooking. We made three holes on the ground. We used them as ‘chula’. We used firewood. As fuel it took us two hours to cook food. Then we ate to our hearts’ content. After that, we visited the area in groups. We enjoyed natural beauty there. Two of our friends played guitar and flute. We also sang songs. At about 5 pm we started our return journey. I enjoyed the picnic greatly.

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