Thursday, April 18, 2013

A paragraph on 'A Day Laborer'

           Write a paragraph about ‘A Day Laborer’ on the basis of the following questions:

(a) Who is a day laborer?  (b) What are his daily activities?  (c) What are his pleasures and pains?

Day Laborers

A Day Laborer

A day laborer is one whose work involves physical labor. Most of the cases, he is unskilled. He does not have any permanent work. He usually earns his daily living by dong hard work. He gets up early in the morning and goes out in quest of work. He works hard from dawn to dusk and get his wages at the end of the work. Then he goes to bazar to buy his daily necessaries. He has to work hard in various fields. He is always dependent on his employer. On some days he earns more and he and his family can eat well. It is a happy day for them. But this does not happen regularly. Some days he does not find any work. Then he and his family have to go without food. So sorrows and sufferings are his constant companions. He does not know what is joy and happiness. He earns his living the sweat of his brow. But he is ill paid, ill fed, ill clad, ill housed and ill treated. But the services of a day laborer is of great importance. So we should think about their rights and show due respect to them.

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