Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Paragraph on 'How Nakshi Kantha is Made'

How Nakshi Kantha Is Made

Traditionally old sarees, lungis and dhotis are used to make kanthas. Kantha making is not a full-time job. Women in almost every household are expert in the art in rural area. They work at leisure time or during the lazy days of the rainy season, so taking months or even years to finish a kantha is normal. At least five to seven sarees are needed to make a standard-size kantha. When a kantha is being made, first the sarees are joined together to attain the required size, and then layers are spread out on the ground. The cloths are then smoothed, and no folds or creases are left in between. During the process, the cloth is kept flat on the ground with weights on the edges. Then the four edges are stitched and two or three rows of large running stitches are done to keep the kantha together. At this stage, the kantha can be folded and stitched at leisure time. Originally, designs and motifs are not drawn on the cloth. The design is first outlined with needle and thread, followed by focal points, and then the filling motifs are done. In a kantha with a predominant central motif the centre is done first, followed by corner designs and the other details.

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