Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cadet College Admission Test: Class test-1 on Globar Village (Lesson-25)

English First Paper

Class Test-1

1.       Choose the best answer.                                                                               10
a)   Congo is a country of --- .  (i) Asia   (ii) Africa   (iii) central Africa   (iv) America
b)   Gurmit Singh is a --- .  (i) worker for a voluntary organization  (ii) working for a voluntary organization  (iii) member of UN peacekeeping mission  (iv) Indian worker
c)    Where is Congo situated?  (i) in central Africa  (ii) in central America  (iii) in Saudi Arabia  (iv) in India
d)   Gurmit Singh was by birth ---- .   (i) an American  (ii) a central African  (iii) an Indian  (iv) UNO
e)   In his childhood Gurmit studied in --- .  (i) Denmark  (ii) Congo  (iii) Singapore  (iv) India
f)    Gurmit completed his graduation in ----.  (i) USA   (ii) UK   (iii) India   (iv) Singapore
g)   Gurmit went to Singapore ----- .  (i) with his parents  (ii) with his parent  (iii) alone  (iv) in a body
h)   Who is ‘Mr. Global Citizen’?  (i) Zul   (ii) Sohan   (iii) Gurmit   (iv) all people
i)     ‘There is violence among political groups’. Here violence means ---- .   (i) friendship  (ii) discussion   (iii) clash   (iv) good relation
j)     The name of Sohan’s uncle is --- .  (i) Zul   (ii) Gurmit   (iii) Congo  (iv) none of them
2.       Answer the following questions.                                                                 5
a)      Who is called ‘Global Citizen’?
b)      What type of person is Gurmit Singh?
c)       What do you mean by ‘Global Citizen’?
d)      When did Gurmit Singh leave for Singapore?
e)      Why did he leave for UK?
3.       Make five sentences from substitution table.                                              5
is situated
in Central Africa.
He has
to Sohan.
written a
an Indian.
Gurmit Singh
Mr. Global Citizen.
He is
an uncle
letter to Sohan.

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