Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cadet College Admission Test: Class Test-3 on English 1st Paper (Lesson-26: Our Wage Earners)

English First Paper (Cadet)

Class Test-3

1.       Choose the best answer.                                                                                                   5
a)   The wage earners contribute – to our economy.  (i) much   (ii) more  (iii) a little  (iv) insignificantly
b)   – wage earners went abroad than the last year.  (i) more  (ii) less  (iii) few  (iv) a few
c)    About – lacs workers will go to Malaysia very soon.  (i) three  (ii) four  (iii) five  (iv) six
d)   Bangladeshi workers are – .  (i) preferred  (ii) hated  (iii) avoided  (iv) disliked
e)   How many workers went abroad in May 2012?  (i) 7300  (ii) 3700 (iii) 37000 (iv) 73000

2.       Answer the following questions.                                                                                      5
a)      In which countries Bangladeshi workers work?
b)      What is the reason behind the demand of our manpower?
c)       Where is the scope of manpower export created?
d)      Why does Bangladeshi go abroad?
e)      Where is Port Suez?

3.       Make five sentences from substitution table.                                                                   5
A large number of wage earners

a great demand of our manpower.
opportunity of exporting manpower.
working abroad.
will be imported
to Malaysia soon.

very industrious.

4.       The following sentences are in wrong order. Rearrange them according to sequence.        5
Nearly 5 lacs workers will be able to go there soon. A scope of exporting manpower has also created in Malaysia. This year more wage earners went abroad than the previous years. The demand of our wage earners in abroad has increased in the year 2012. Our wage earners usually go to Saudia Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore etc.

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