Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cadet College Admission Test: Class Test-4 on English First Paper (Lesson-4: The Concert for Bangladesh)

English First Paper (Cadet)

Class Test-4

1.       Choose the best answer.                                                                                                           5
a.       Fahmida was -- .   (i) a singer  (ii) Farhad’s daughter  (iii) Harrison’s fan  (iv) student
b.      George Harrison was --.  (i) an American  (ii) a Bangladeshi  (iii) a British  (iv) an Indian
c.       Our liberation war was held in ---. (i) 1972  (ii) 1971  (iii) 1969  (iv) 1952
d.      Concert for Bangladesh was ---.  (i) a failure  (ii) great  (iii) historic  (iv) nothing
e.      When was the concert held?   (i) 1/8/1970  (ii) 1/6/1971  (iii) 1/8/1971  (iv) 1/7/1971

2.       Answer the following questions.                                                                                               5
a.       Who was George Harrison?
b.      When was the Concert for Bangladesh held?
c.       Who performed in the concert?
d.      What was the aim of the concert?
e.      Why do you think George Harrison is a great humanist?

3.       Write true or false. If false give the correct answer.                                                                5
a.       George Harrison was from the UK.
b.      Mr. Farhad was a great singer.
c.       George Harrison was a sympathetic person.
d.      George Harrison helped us on our Language Movement.
e.      Concert for Bangladesh was held on 1st August 1970.

4.       Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                                                      5
On a a) -- , Mr. Farhad was enjoying a music concert on DVD player. His daughter b) – into the room and wanted to know about the c) -- , who was singing. Though he was singing on d) -- , he did not look like a Bangladeshi. Mr. Farhad told her that he is a e) – singer and he was singing to help us.

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