Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cadet College Admission Test: Class Test-5 on English First Paper (Lesson-35: The Garden)

English First Paper (Cadet)

Class Test-5 (Marks: 20)

1.       Choose the best answer.                                                                                                            5
a.       Who had a garden?   (i) Toad  (ii) Frog  (iii) Both  (iv) None
b.      Who wished to have a garden?   (i) Somebody  (ii) Everybody  (iii) Toad  (iv) Frog
c.       Frog gave Toad some – seeds.  (i) vegetable  (ii) fruit  (iii) seeds  (iv) corn
d.      Toad ordered the seeds to start -- .  (i) dancing  (ii) growing  (iii) grow  (iv) planting
e.      Gardening was – work.  (i) hard  (ii) easy  (iii) nice  (iv) good

2.       Answer the following questions.                                                                                                5
a.       Who was surprised to see the garden?
b.      Who gave Toad flower seeds?
c.       What did Toad do with the seeds?
d.      Why did Frog run up the path?
e.      What did Toad do to remove the fear of the seeds?

3.       Write true or false. If false give the correct answer.                                                                5
a.       Frog expressed his surprise to see the garden.
b.      Frog wished to have a garden.
c.       Toad became happy when the seeds did not grow.
d.      Toad was patient.
e.      Frog and Toad were neighbours.

4.       Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                                                      5
Frog and Toad were two a) -- . When Toad saw Frog’s garden, he b) – to have one, because he liked the garden. Therefore, as soon as Toad c) – flower seeds, he planted them. He d) – to get the garden very soon. He e) – the seeds to start growing, but the seeds did not.

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