Saturday, December 28, 2013

Paragraph About 'Bangladeshi Cuisine'

Bangladeshi Cuisine

The people of Bangladesh enjoy different kinds of delicious and appetizing food, snacks and sweets. Boiled rice is our staple food. It is served with a variety of vegetables, curry, lentil soups, fish and meat. Fish is the main source of protein. It is cultivated in ponds. We have fresh water fishes. Shutki or dried fishes and hilsa are also very popular with the people of Bangladesh. Panta ilish-a traditional platter of panta bhat is a popular dish. It is eaten on Pohela Boishakh. The people of Bangladesh are also fond of sweets. Women prepare different kinds of pitha and sweets. The people of Bangladesh distribute sweets among relatives when they hear good news. There are hundreds of different varieties of sweet preparation. Sweets are made from milk. Sweets are an important part of our daily life.

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