Thursday, December 12, 2013

Paragraph about 'A Tea Stall' by Answering Questions

Write a paragraph about ‘A Tea Stall’ on the basis of the questions given below:

(a) What is a tea stall?
(b) What does it contain and sell?
(c) How does it continue its function?
(d) Why is it important?
(e) Where does a tea stall mainly situate?
(f) What discussion usually take place there?


A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a common sight either in a town or in a village hat. In towns there are innumerable tea stalls. There is at least one at almost every street corner. Tea has now become the most popular drink. A tea stall opens early in the morning. It is kept open till late hours at night. So, one can have tea any time form morning till midnight. A tea stall is a place where friends can meet as in a club. Various discussions are held in a tea stall even about the political situation of the country and worldwide. People argue to establish their opinions. So, it is called the ‘Mini Sangsad’. For this they need not pay anything. A tea stall contains a few tables and tools or chairs to sit the customers. There are a few cups and plates, an almirah with glass. In the almirah there are different kinds of snacks or biscuits or sweetmeats to sell on demand. A well decorated tea stall is of great service but an ill decorated one may cause ill-health by spreading diseases. Despite of some demerits, it is also an important place for tea thirsty people and this importance may not be denied.


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