Thursday, December 12, 2013

Paragraph about 'A Village Fair' by Answering Questions

Write a paragraph about ‘A Village Fair’ on the basis the questions given below:

(a) What is a village fair?
(b) Where does it sit and on what occasion?
(c) How many days does it last?
(d) What sort of commodities are found there?
(e) How do the village people enjoy it?


A Village Fair

A village fair is a gathering of the villagers for buying and selling goods. It sits on an open space under a large tree or beside the roadside. It may sit either on the bank of a river or a canal. It is generally held in the month of Chaitra or Baishakh. It is an attractive place for the villagers. Men and women of different ages visit the fair with great delight. There are stalls everywhere in a village fair. Some sell sweet-meats, some sell toys, some sell stationary goods and some sell fancy goods. Children buy toys, flutes, kites, sweets, etc. Weavers, carpenters and potters come to the fair to sell their home-made articles. Ladies come to the fair to buy their necessary utensils. There is no fixed duration of a village fair. It usually lasts two to seven days. The organizers of the fair arrange some amusing things like jatra, theatre, circus etc. which fascinate the village people. So a village fair is a place of amusement also.


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