Friday, December 6, 2013

Paragraph about 'Visit to a Science Fair' by Answering Questions


Write a paragraph about ‘Visit to a Science Fair’ on the basis of the questions given in the below:

(a) What is a science fair?
(b) Where was it held?
(c) What did you see there?
(d) Which invention did you like?
(e) How was your feeling to enjoy such a fair?


A Science Fair

A science fair is an exhibition or display of scientific instrument. Las week our school authority arranged a science fair and it was held our school premises. I was simply charmed what I saw in the fair. Some school displayed handmade model of ships, motorcars, trains, radio and computer etc. But I liked most the microscope, the cheapest paddy thresher and the remote control light. Dhaka Govt. Boys School had shown this project. Their project was really praise worthy. Different school joined the fair and their participation made the fair more outstanding and enjoyable. Our school go third prize and it was a computer program. I spent about three hours visiting the fair and experienced many new things. I left the fair with a mixed feeling of joy and wonder.

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