Friday, December 6, 2013

Paragraph about 'Your Daily Routine' by Answering Questions


Write a paragraph about ‘Your Daily Routine’ one the basis of the questions given below:

(a) When do you get up from bed?
(b) When do you go to school?
(c) When do you return from school?
(d) What do you do in the afternoon?
(e) When do you take your supper?
(f) Does your holiday routine match with your daily routine?


My Daily Routine

I am a student of class eight and I always try to follow my daily routine. I get up early in the morning, brush my teeth, wash my face and hands and say my Fajar prayer. Then I go out for a walk. After that, I return home and seat to read. I read about two hours. Then I take my bath and take my breakfast. I wear my school uniform and star for school at about 10 am. Our school starts at 10:30 am. I sit always on the first bench and listen to my teachers attentively. At tiffin period, I say my Zohar prayer and take my tiffin. Our school breaks up at 4:30 pm. I return home and take my lunch. Then I take some rest and go to field to join with my friends. I play with them for some time and in the evening I return my home. Then I say my evening prayer and after that, I do my homework. I say my Esha prayer and take my supper. Usually, I go to bed at about 11 pm. On holiday my routine changes a bit.

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