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Model Test-1: English First Paper for class Six

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Model Test (For half yearly examination)
Class: Six              Subject: English First Paper
Time: 3 Hours                                     Full Marks: 100

Part-A: Listening Test (Marks 10)
Listen to the passage and answer the following questions.
Haji Mohammed Mohsin was a very kind-hearted man. He was born in Hugly in 1732 A.D. He got the vast property of his father. But he never spent money for his own comfort. He did not marry and he had no children. During his life time he spent money lavishly to help the poor. He made a gift of his whole property for the education of the poor. From its income poor and meritorious students are given stipends. This is known as “Mohsin Stipend.” One night Mohsin was as usual, saying his prayer in his dark room at midnight. The room was quite silent. Mohsin was in deep meditation of Allah. A thief broke into his room. He caught hold of the thief.

1.  Choose the best answer from the alternatives.                                                     5
a.       Mohsin’s father was ----.
(i) poor  (ii) wealthy  (iii) miserly  (iv) wicked
b.      Mohsin had -----.
(i) no wife  (ii) a wife  (iii) two wives  (iv) three wives
c.       Mohsin was ---- the poor.
(i) angry with (ii) annoyed with  (iii) cruel  (iv) kind to
d.      Mohsin spent his money -----.
(i) for his own comfort  (ii) for the members of his family  (iii) for the poor (iv) for the poor and for the education of the poor
e.      The present form of born is ----.
(i) bore  (ii) bear  (iii) borne  (iv) bere
2.  Fill in each gap in the following passage with a suitable word from the box.       5
Hazi Mohsin was born in Hugly in a) – year 1732. His father was b) – wealthy c) -- . He got the vast property of his father. He was very d) – to the poor. He did not e) – for his own comfort but spent a lot for the f) – of the poor. He also gave away g) – whole property for the education of meritorious students. Mohsin used to h) – his prayer at midnight. One i) – while he j) – saying his prayer, a thief entered into his room.

Part-B: Speaking Test (Marks 10)
3.  Give short description about your house.                                                    5
4.  Answer the following questions.                                                                5
a) What is your mother’s name?  b) How old is she?  c) What is her educational qualification?  d) What is she?  e) Where does she work?

Part-C: Reading Test (Marks 40)
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions below it.
Bulbul collects rubbish from the Sankar area in Dhaka. Every morning, he wakes up at 5 o’clock and walks along the streets of Sankar to collect rubbish. People of Sankar put their rubbish in plastic bins and leave them in front of their houses. Bulbul walks from door to door to collect them. Sometimes the bins are very dirty and they smell bad. But Bulbul does not mind. He takes out everything from the bins and puts them in a large plastic bag. He believes that all jobs are important. He works hard to keep this area clean. Last month Bulbul was sick for two days. So, he could not come to collect the rubbish. The people of Sankar were in great trouble. They got piles of rubbish waiting in front of their houses. The whole area became dirty and unhygienic. When Bulbul got well, he came back to Sankar. He collected everything from all the bins. Bulbul does not want to fall sick again. He realizes, if he stops working even for a few days only, the whole area will turn into a big dustbin.
5.  Choose the best answer from the alternatives.                                           5
a) Bulbul collects------- (i) money  (ii) honey  (iii) tickets  (iv) rubbish
b) He collects rubbish at ------- (i) Mirpur  (ii) Uttara  (iii) Sankar  (iv) Gulshan
c) People of Sankar ----- rubbish in front of their houses.   (i) deposit  (ii) pile up  (iii) store  (iv) leave
d) The bins spread------ (i) fragrance  (ii) scent  (iii) bad smell  (iv) no smell
e) He tries to keep the area -----.  (i) dirty  (ii) impure  (iii) clean  (iv) dusty
6.  Give short answer to the following questions.                                              7
a) What does Bulbul collect?  b) Where does Bulbul collect rubbish from?  c) When does he get up?  d) Where does he walk?  e) Why does he walk along the streets of Sankar?  f) Who put the rubbish in plastic bins?  g) What are the plastic bins used for?
7.  Fill in the gaps of the following passage with suitable words.                           5
Bulbul is a rubbish a) -- . He collects b) – at Sankar area in a big c) – bag. He is very much hard working. He does not mind he work. Everyday he gets up d) – in the morning and goes to his e) -- . Sometimes bad smell f) – out from g) – up rubbish. But he doesn’t mind. Rather he consider his work h) -- . Once he falls i) – for two days. As there was none to collect the rubbish, the whole j) – got polluted.
8.  Read the table and make five sentences from it.                                              5
from door to door to collect rubbish.
up early in the morning.
Everyday he
very hardworking.
Then he
to his job.

rubbish from Sankar area.
9.  Read the passage again. Now complete the table with relevant information.        6
Who, What, When

Bulbul wakes up.
Bulbul collects rubbish

Bad smell

Bulbul’s job

fell in trouble.
Works hard

10.  The following sentences are in wrong order. Rearrange them according to sequence.   5
So the people of Sankar were in trouble. When he was cured, he again started collecting rubbish. So, he could not collect the rubbish. The whole area got polluted. Las month Bulbul became sick.
11.  Write the main idea of the story in your own words in not more than five sentences.    7

Part-D: Writing Test (Marks 40)
12.  Write a paragraph on ‘Grocery Shopping’.                                                            8
13. Read the beginning of the following story and complete it in your own way. Give a title to it.                                                                                                                       8
An old man had three sons who used to quarrel with each other. --------------
14. Write an application to the Headmaster of your school for remission of delay fine.                                                                                                                     8
15.  Write a letter to your friend Krishna, thanking her for sending a nice gift on your birthday party.                                                                                                                   8
16.  Write a composition about ‘A journey by boat’.                                                       8

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