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Model Test-1: Ever Beautiful Shamima (For JSC)

Nobojagoron Scholarship & Cadet Academy
Model Test (For half yearly examination)
Class: Eight          Subject: English First Paper
Time: 3 Hours                                                                                Full Marks: 100

Reading Test (Marks 50)
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions:
Shamima’s misery started the day she was married. Her husband was a greedy person and he used to abuse her verbally and physically. Within a few months into her marriage she had to leave her husband Amirul Islam. Now Shamima vows to work with women, who are ill-fated like her. She has 43 female members in her organization working for her. She trains the members herself and then provides them with work. She designs fabrics, makes block-print, brushpaint and hand-embroidered sarees. She also makes three-piece dresses for women, and fatuas for men. She sells these products in her shop and supplies them outside. Shamima has a dream now, a dream to do something for the helpless people. She wants them to feel useful. They can live with self-respect and dignity. With this in view, she goes out looking for such people. Shamima finished her story with a smile. Shamima has no complaints, no regrets, no grudges. All she wants to do is to bring a smile on the faces of those women who are unfortunate. Shamima wants to become a famous designer.

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.                                                              7
a.       Shamima’s misery started ----.
(i) from childhood  (ii) after marriage  (iii) from the day of her marriage  (iv) from infancy
b.      Her husband was -----.
(i) honest  (ii) greedy  (iii) dishonest  (iv) kind
c.       He used to abuse her -----.
(i) orally  (ii) physically and mentally  (iii) mentally  (iv) orally and physically
d.      Shamima left her husband -----.
(i) within a few months  (ii) within few days  (iii) within few weeks  (iv) within few years
e.      Shamima vows to work with – women.
(i) rich  (ii) dishonest  (iii) helpless  (iv) restless
f.        Her organization consists of ----.
(i) 43 male members  (ii) 43 women members  (iii) 34 male and female members (iv) 34 male members
g.       The trainees are trained by ----.
(i) themselves  (ii) herself  (iii) Shamima  (iv) government

2.  Give short answers to the following questions.                                                            10
a.       When did the misery of Shamima start?
b.      How was her husband?
c.       How long her marriage lasted?
d.      When did she leave her husband?
e.      What does she vow?
f.        What did she want to do for the helpless women?
g.       What does Shamima want to become?
h.      Where does she sell her products?
i.         What does she want them to feel?
j.        Why does she go out?

3.  Fill in the gaps in the following passage with suitable words.                                           8
Shamima’s misery a) – with the day she was married. Her husband had greed and he abused her verbally and b) -- . So she left her c) -- . She takes a vow to work with the ill-fated d) – like her. There are 43 female e) – in her organization. She not only f) – them but also provides them with work. She designs fabrics, makes block-print, bush paint and hand embroidered sarees. She g) – the products in her shop and supplies them outside. Now she h) – to do something for the helpless people.

4.  Read the following table and make five sentences.                                                       5

with Shamima.
Shamima’s husband
to stand beside the helpless women.
not frustrated.
very greedy.

to leave her husband.

5.  Read the passage again and complete the table with relevant information from the text.       5
Who/What/How many
Shamima’s husband

is to work with ill-fated women.
43 female members

trains the members herself.

are sold in her shops.

6.  The following sentences are in wrong order. Rearrange them according to sequence.         5
She takes a vow to work with the ill-fated women. So she left her husband. There are 43 female members in her organization. Shamima’s misery started with the day she was married. Her husband had greed and he abused her verbally and physically.

7.  Read the passage again. Now, write the main ideas of the story in your own words within five sentences.                                                                                                                 10

Writing Test (Marks 50)
8.  Write a paragraph on ‘How can we maintain a good health’.                                           10

9.  Read the beginning of the following story and complete it in your own way. Give a title to it.10
Once a hungry fox was searching for food in the forest. After a while he came to a vineyard. He was tempted by the fine bunches of ripe grapes. ----------

10.  Write an application to the Headmistress of your school for a transfer certificate.               10

11. Write a letter to your friend Araddho, thanking her for sending a nice gift on your birthday party.                                                                                                                         10

12.  Write a composition about ‘The Value of Time’.                                                            10

===>Good Luck<===

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